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X-MEN (1991)

Items for sale include X-Men #1 all variant covers, #2 through #11.  This is a really nice set see the photos below and more descriptions beside the photos.  If you need more information please let me know.  Also I am not a professional grader but I do have plenty of photos I can share or add to the site posting.  I want you to be the judge as much as possible.  All books are in the near mint range, none have been read and most were had never been pulled out of bags or boards.  

According to GoCollect.com the fair market value for all these books combined would be in the $1700 range.  See the reports here.  I am asking $1000 for all the books including shipping.  

X-Men published in 1991 by Marvel comics for the number 1 issue had connecting covers for four different cover variants.  This isn’t unique in that connecting covers have been used in the comic book world for awhile.  To me this set came out at a time when Marvel was at a crossroads with itself.  Were they going to be more visual in their approach to the books or more story based as they had been in the past.  In this set  you get fantastic art from Jim Lee on the story side you get Chris Claremonts final (supposedly) X-Men tale.  He later returned to the franchise about 9 years after the number 3 issue.  

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X-Men #1: Rubicon Beast, Storm, Angel, Jean Gray and Professor Xavier Variant Cover

The left most of the four connecting covers.  This book had not previously been out of the bag and board until I removed to take photos.  So never read.  I would say this is a high grade book.  

X-Men #1: Rubicon Cyclopes and Wolverine Variant Cover

This is the center right of the four connecting covers, probably my favorite only because it has Wolverine.  I actually have a Jim Lee signed copy of this book (not for sale).  Again a very good example very high grade. 

X-Men #1: Rubicon Magneto Variant Cover

This is the far right of the four covers, very nice cover with Magneto.  Very high grade, never read.  

X-Men #1: Rubicon Gambit, Colossus, Psylocke and Rogue Variant Cover

This is the left center of the four covers.  Very nice art work from Jim Lee.  All his covers over this entire series are fantastic.  Very high grade copy never been read. 

X-Men #1: Rubicon (Logo 2) foldout Variant Cover

This is a pull out of the all four covers together in one book.  Very white pages as with the other books.  high grade.  

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X-Men #2: Firestorm

Issue number 2 a very nice cover where you can see magneto has taken some damage from the previous story but he is close to taking out Xavier.  Lee’s art is so full of action.  Very high grade never read. 

X-Men #3: Fallout - Chris Claremont's Final Issue of the X-Men

This was Chris Claremont’s final X-Men story, at least for a time.  Chris came back to Marvel after about 9 years and started writing X-Men again.  Very high grade example of this book.  

X-Men #4: The Resurrection and The Flesh - First Appearance of Omega Red

First appearance of Omega Red, one of Wolverine’s fiercest foes.  These books are very hot right now.  Very high grade.  

X-Men #5: Blowback - Second Appearance of Omega Red

First appearance of Maverick, Second appearance of Omega Red. 

X-Men #6: Farther Still

Sabertooth shows up just for funsies in this story.  Very high grade

X-Men #7: Inside ... Out!

An Iconic cover by Jim Lee.  

X-Men #8: Tooth and Claw

Bishop and Ghost Rider

X-Men #9: The Not So Big Easy

Wolverine and Ghost Rider square off, can’t wait to see this in the MCU

X-Men #10: Where Happy Little Bluebirds Fly..

What an interesting title for an interesting character in Long Shot.  

X-Men #11: The X-Men Vs. The X-Men! (Again)

Another Epic Cover by Jim Lee of the whole team.  I included this one because I thought this one just finishes off this lot

X-Men Epic Collection

Thanks for checking out this posting for this set of books.  I am happy to take paypal and will ship anywhere.